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Will you show up?

“One of the hardest things about loss is how the world just keeps moving on despite that our world just came to a crashing halt.”

YESSSS! Saw this quote today and it brought me back to the day of the memorial service when I was truly shocked to see how many people didn’t show up. Ok, not shocked, because I remember this from before, so maybe horrified is the more appropriate word. Too strong? How about bitterly disappointed? If your husband died, would you still really have to go make that work delivery? Take your kid to his soccer game? Of course not. And if it really was that important, there would be someone who could do it for you, or alternative arrangements could be made. Of course! I think of all the mundane things that so many people felt were more important than being there for me, for our family and for him? People, WAKE UP!! What are you here on this earth for if not for peace and love and human kindness?? These are the times you get to show up and touch someone’s heart, ease someone’s pain, share a kind word. Do it!! It doesn’t cost any money but the payback is boundless.

What’s the point of this rant? It’s to share some common sense. I hope to provide insight and inspiration for those who still grieve and provide some greater understanding to those who are fortunate enough to have not had their lives “come to a crashing halt.”

But this is for my own personal growth. I need to thrive, to live, to love. None of those things take away from the love I have for Daniel. He saw the best in me and wanted the best for me. It’s unimaginable for him to want me to be anything but happy, successful and well provided for. So let’s do this!! I hear Daniel in my head saying, Babe, you got this!

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Kim Wisner
Kim Wisner
Jun 02, 2022

Oh Sister, you are so very right on. We are here to provide and give to one another just as Daniel did for you. A simple phone call, a hand to hold, a hug. It's easy and not easy to give love and support to others. Easy as in, we give to others what we would also need in those times. Not easy as in, it's almost as if we have to look at our own fears/worries when reaching out. Thank you for speaking to this Beth.

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