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Dedicated to empowering women navigating life's toughest transitions

Resilient  &  Thriving

At Joyous Again, we provide inspiration and practice tools to help people build resilience and achieve greater joy.

Why do you need a resilience coach?

You don't have to feel this way!


Welcome to Joyous Again, where Beth Levin brings her passion and expertise to help other individuals transform their lives with resilience and joy.  Beth works one-on-one with clients, customizing her approach to help them overcome obstacles, uncover their passions and find more peace and joy.  She using a myriad of tools developed from her personal journey and resilience training. Through practical skills, positive habits, and healthy mindsets, clients optimize their well-being.  

As a widow herself, Beth works with widows to help them thrive after loss.   The Joyful Widow’s Project is a one-of-a-kind grief support program that combines the best of compassionate support coaching with weekly teachings to build resilience and reclaim your radiance.   


As a motivational speaker with over 30 years of experience, Beth's engaging presentations on health, wellness, and resilience are tailored to each audience, addressing various topics including stress reduction, increased productivity, and the pursuit of joy.  From inspiring speeches and "lunch and learns" to comprehensive workshop series, Beth empowers participants to practice and embrace resilience-building skills for a more joyous life.

Discover the path to a happier, more resilient you!

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