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Dedicated to empowering women navigating life's toughest transitions

Resilient  &  Thriving

At Joyous Again, we provide inspiration and practice tools to help people build resilience and achieve greater joy.

Why do you need a resilience coach?


For years, I have thought about telling my story.  I hesitated because I thought it would be too depressing, too sad, and I thought people would not find it believable.  I have endured considerable hardships, including the death of my brother, stepson, and most recently my husband Daniel.  I struggled through my first husband's addiction, a divorce, and ultimately his death too.  I lost my home to a fire. I saw my son be diagnosed with a genetic disease.  I've lost my job suddenly due to budget cuts, followed shortly by my husband's job loss.  I've endured financial hardships, and multiple homes that sold just before foreclosures.  I survived a cancer diagnosis and a year of treatment that left me bald and considerably overweight.  And I got to live through it again when Daniel got diagnosed with cancer in 2018.  These are just the highlights.


I've seen other people suffer similar tragedies and many that did not handle it that well.  Friends marveled at how I'd survived it all and complemented me about how strong I was.  But I didn't want to be strong; I wanted to be happy!  I wanted to move forward and become joyous again!  Understanding how I could become more resilient was the key.   I set out to become the queen of resilience, learning tools to becoming more resilient myself, taking courses to become a certified resilience coach, and sharing my story and insights to motivate others.


We are all capable of building our resilience but it does take practice.  I am committed to helping others become more resilient, so they too can become joyous again.  If you are experiencing a hardship of any kind, or looking to move forward through challenging times, please contact me to learn how I can help.  I can't wait to see you joyous again! 

Speaking Fiercely with Grace

Motivational Speaking

Beth has been speaking to audiences for over 30 years on various topics including health,  wellness, and resilience.

She tailors each engagement to the audience to achieve maximum impact, whether seeking to mitigate stress,  increase productivity, decrease feelings of being overwhelmed, and of course, achieve more joy.

Engagements range from single inspirational speeches and "lunch and learns" to a series of workshops that enable participants to put resilience building skills

into practice.


Resilience Coaching

Beth works one-on-one with individuals in helping them build resilience,

overcome obstacles, and

find more joy.  She utilizes a myriad of tools developed through her own personal experiences and resilience training to customize her approach for each client.

Clients learn a wide range

of practical skills, positive habits and healthy mindsets to help them optimize their


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